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?t=t&id=1268393 North America divided into its principall parts where are distinguished the severall states which belong to the English, Spanish, and French / described by Sanson ; corrected and amended by William Berry.
from Collection of maps, 1680-1690 (In 2 layers) Depicts: 1680 Last modified about 5 years ago. Unrectified.
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Layer List for Map 7225
Layer Title Year Number of Maps Percent Complete
?t=t&id=1268393 Collection of maps, 1680-1690
Last modified about 5 years ago. Depicts : 1690 Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
1690 2 maps 0%
(0 maps)
?t=t&id=1030124 Atlases
Last modified 3 days ago. Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
875 maps 33%
(285 maps)
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