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?t=t&id=2001729 Bronx, V. B, Plate No. 1 Map bounded by Bronx & Pelham Parkway, Bronx Park
From Atlas 44. Vol. B, 1897. (In 2 layers) Depicts: 1897 Last modified 9 months ago. 3 control points.
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Layer List for Map 18029
Layer Title Year Number of Maps Percent Complete
?t=t&id=2001726 Atlas 44. Vol. B, 1897.
Last modified 9 months ago. Depicts : 1897 Download KML Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
1897 54 maps 30%
(16 maps)
?t=t&id=2003512 Bronx
Last modified 7 months ago. Depicts : Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
904 maps 43%
(389 maps)
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