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?t=t&id=433623 A bill in the chancery of New-Jersey, at the suit of John earl of Stair, and others, proprietors of the eastern-division of New-Jersey; against Benjamin Bond. and some other persons of Elizabeth-Town, distinguished by the name of the Clinker lot right men
Last modified over 3 years ago. Depicts : 1747 Download KML Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
1747 3 maps 100%
(3 maps)
?t=t&id=1633768 Atlas of Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. Complete in one volume. Historical, statistical. Based upon maps on file at the county seat in Mineola and upon private plans and surveys furnished by surveyors and individual owners. Supplemented by careful measu
Last modified 12 days ago. Depicts : 1914 Download KML Bibiliographic records: Digital Collections
1914 106 maps 70%
(74 maps)
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